Monday, September 27, 2010

A Weekend of Community

This past weekend was the 19th annual fall celebration here at The Commons on the Alameda cohousing community, and we are so blessed to be here and to have taken part in such a wonderful event!

First, on Friday night, the members of the community gathered for a fire circle, potluck, ritual tree-planting, and the sharing of stories about life in The Commons. Since its inception in 1992 from a scrubby field of cactus along the Santa Fe River, The Commons has been home to more than 300 people, and the current census is now at 81 adults and children.

This is a truly special place graced with much heart, community spirit, and the willingness of dozens of people to create a functional and thriving intentional neighborhood that enriches the lives of all who come into contact with it. And this annual day of feasting and revelry is our way of giving back to the wider community with food, drink, music, dancing, and gratitude.

These are some photos from the weekend's events. Enjoy a taste of The Commons at its best!

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