Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun Friday: Close to Home

Today's Fun Friday activities again kept us close to home after a very busy work week with lots of driving for Keith. Mary, on the other hand, commented on how she spent the last four days without even leaving The Commons, making us realize just how satisfying life in community can be. With kids, dogs, friendly neighbors, community meals and the spontaneous socializing that community engenders, one can stick around the neighborhood for days and not feel isolated or out of touch with the world.

So, the day began with a relaxing morning at home, a bike ride to town, and a leisurely swim with time in the late summer sun by the poolside.

Biking through town, we noted that Santa Fe is still crawling with tourists who continue to throng the streets, sidewalks and hotels, and there is no outward signs of economic turmoil here in "The City Different". At a local hotel, we came upon a group of housekeeping employees having a field day in the parking lot as they pelted their managers with water balloons, laughing uproariously. Some seemed less shy when the managers had their backs turned and didn't know who was throwing! In her infinite wisdom, Mary went up to the supervisor who had masterminded this "team building" exercise and gave her our card, inviting her to consider Laughter Yoga for their next team meeting or retreat.

It was a glorious day here in Northern New Mexico, and despite a weather forecast calling for "the possibility of late afternoon thunderstorms", the sun shone brilliantly from dawn to dusk, as usual. There has been precious little rain this summer, and the "monsoon season" amounted to little rain, but we were indeed rewarded with numerous breathtaking sunsets and rainbows.

After our outing to town, we were taken out to dinner by our neighbors and friends Bob and Ann, who graciously treated us to dinner in return for us dog-sitting for their beloved Barney while they were in Europe. Even the dogs came to dinner!

It was yet another glorious day here in Santa Fe, and we are grateful---as always---for the abundance of blessings in our lives!

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