Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Weekend in Bluff, Utah

After the excitement and overstimulation of The Grand Canyon and the wonderment of Monument Valley, we are enjoying a weekend of rest and relaxation in the tiny town of Bluff, Utah. Utah has a great deal to offer in terms of natural wonders, and while we're reluctant to leave after only several days in the southeastern corner of this beautiful state, we will indeed depart tomorrow with a plan to return at another time when we can spend at least a  month exploring the many breathtaking places that fill the Utahan landscape.

Bluff is named for a 300-foot red sandstone bluff that towers over the north end of the town, and it is a tranquil magnet for many RV'ers and international travelers who are passing through on their way to various sites of natural beauty. We even found a vegetarian cafe/art gallery and small attached house that are currently for sale, and we entertained the cinematically interesting notion of buying the place and making a new life for ourselves right here in the middle of what some people would call nowhere.

With clean and chemical-free showers and WiFi at our cozy campground, we feel like we're in the lap of luxury after four days of "dry" or "primitive" camping at Monument Valley and the Navajo National Monument. "Dry" camping means that there is no sewer, water or electricity available for campers, something that we can do without for several days, but the need to dump our waste tanks, fill our water tank, charge our batteries and take relatively long hot showers ( ! ) does make campgrounds with "full hookups" periodically necessary (and comparatively luxurious!).

On June 1rst, we will move into our temporary rental casita in Santa Fe, so we're now facing the final two weeks of this leg of our journey. Settling into non-mobile life will be an adjustment after more than seven months on the road, and we assume that Tina will most likely make the adjustment more easily than her human companions. Once in Sante Fe, life will indeed be different and we do look forward to more regular socializing, a sense of community and belonging, being only 90 miles from our son and daughter-in-law, and being nearby to a number of good friends. Life on the road is a very positive addiction, and we certainly foresee another chapter in this journey in the not-too-distant future.

Meanwhile, the red sandstone and gorgeous scenery of Utah beckons, as does the beauty of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. The next two weeks will be rife with adventure and fun, and our arrival to Santa Fe will also bring with it many surprises and a welcome sense of rootedness, however temporary it may prove to be (or not).

Here's a photo of a heron that alighted in the pond next to our rig last night for some evening fishing.....

And this is an incredible local spring-fed swimming hole that we discovered this afternoon.....

We are so grateful for these 28 weeks on the road, and will continue to give thanks for the adventure of a lifetime that will truly never end.

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