Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grand Canyon Haiku

Blue sky eagles fly
Red canyon walls glowing wild
Weary hikers smile

This simple Haiku above was written by a child--and it remains my fave. I saw it at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center and it sparked a series of my own. Enjoy!

Safe perch atop Grand Canyon
Fear of heights now past
Condor land below so high

Perception deceives distance
Flattening the depths
Rock reality prevails

Ancient history presents
Boulder color show
Majestic mountains speak

Paleozoic looming
Red wall limestone warmth
"The Great Unconformity"

Patient carving of canyon
Erosion gorges
El Rio Colorado

Ever deepening river
Sulfate smog above
Still magnificent beauty

My heart sinks with the sunset's
Final pink of day
Spirits depart from earth here

At Grand Canyon's fragile edge
The wind has carried
Dear David's ashes away

Ancestral Pueblo people
Seasonal nomads
The Painted Desert beckons...

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