Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Somos Un Pueblo (We Are a Village)

There is a plethora of beautiful public murals all over Santa Fe (and greater New Mexico). Many of these artworks depict the cultural diversity, religious iconography and ethnic pride of various groups within the larger citizenry, which is generally divided into "Indians, Anglos and Hispanics" for want of better terminology. (I, for one, don't feel any identification with the term "Anglo", but that's what I'm seen as here in New Mexico, for better or worse........)

This mural represents the Spanish Conquistadors, the Mexican settlers, and the Pueblo Indians who inhabited New Mexico long before anyone else attempted to claim it for their own. The text on the flag mentions the suffering, laughter and tears experienced here. 

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  1. Great art, thanks for sharing it. NM is a lovely place,have been there twice.