Friday, August 28, 2009

The Woes of Refrigerators and Ammonia

Wow. Two days ago, on our first morning in our new rig, we happily opened our fridge to see what we could make for breakfast in our new home, and we were blasted with a cloud of ammonia gas so strong that we both reeled from the exposure. It seems the old fridge had waited to fail until we became it's new owners, and the ammonia was apparently meant to be our first wake-up call that life in an RV can be as complicated as any house.

Today, a mobile RV tech came to our rescue, removed the offending appliance, and now there is a gaping hole in our mobile kitchen. Luckily, we're staying next door to our friends' home and have a small shelf in their refrigerator, allowing us to at least store some basic staples. On Monday, we can go to the RV place, pick out a new one, and lay down about $1000 (not including labor) to once again be able to store cold and frozen food in our rig.

Meanwhile, the closing on our house has been delayed at least five days due to an apparent bank error, and we are still adjusting to life in a very down-sized space as we continue to clean out the house (just a few miles away) and prepare it for sale. Tina the dog has been a real trooper amidst the tumult, and we hope that life on the open road (in six or seven weeks) will afford us some well-deserved rest---and adventure.


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  1. Living in an RV is something I thought about before. Enjoy. You may inspire me in doing the same once my children are grown and can live on their own, some 14 years from now.